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Showcasing the best health supplements, adaptogens and functional mushroom supplements from the Gold Coast, NI.

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We’ve been in the supplement business since 2018. Stay tuned for a myraid of unique and health affirming supplements to create some better days together!

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Locally Grown Mushroom Extracts

While Mushroom Extracts have been used for their health properties for thousands of years, they’re making a huge comback. SporeShore Mushroom Extacts are grown and extracted here in North Down Northern Ireland.

The very best dual extracted mushrooms with a broad spectrum of beneficial compounds. Whether you need Chaga, Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps or Turkey Tail mushroom, we have it all. Premium quality mushroom extracts, grown with care in Sunny NI.

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The best functional supplements from the UK’s best brands including SporeShore and Dirtea! A unique Northern Irish business with years of experience in the supplement business.

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